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“Had an incredible mentor that helped me clearly identify key areas for improvement. Got an offer from it — I couldn't ask for a better teacher!”
Blake D.Blake D. joined Facebook as a Product Manager.
“The Candor site is honestly invaluable and being able to agonize in front of a rational human being was incredibly helpful and clarifying.”
Nicole F.Nicole F. joined Slack as a Software Engineer.
“My mentor was very responsive, thoughtful and empathetic — he connected me with the team I'm joining at Lyft, so that's huge impact.”
Himanshu B.Himanshu B. joined Lyft as a Software Engineer.
“Exceeded my expectations in absolutely every way — extremely clear, actionable interview feedback.”
Sarah H.Sarah H. joined Facebook as a Rotational PM.
“Really, just awesome. Candor gave me stellar frameworks and patterns of thinking — would absolutely recommend to friends.”
Sebastian H.Sebastian H. joined Asana as a Data Scientist.
“Candor helped me get my offer, get an EXTRA $50k (!!) and find an incredible team. Thank you!”
Josh D.Josh D. joined Google as a Software Engineer.

How can Candor help you?

Get the job

Interview prep

  • 1:1 mock interviews
  • Expert advice from real tech pros
  • Company-specific questions

Compensation & offer review

  • Comp review by recruiters & HR pros
  • Equity valuation
  • Benefits benchmarking

Salary negotiation

  • Negotiation strategy coaching
  • 1:1 mock negotiations
  • Compensation benchmarking

Career transition

  • Help moving fields/roles
  • Personalized action plan
  • Ongoing 1:1 coaching

Resume review

  • Resume & LinkedIn review
  • Candid tech recruiter feedback
  • Covers Github & portfolios

Excel at the job

First 90 days

  • Foolproof playbook & worksheets
  • Insights into the team and company
  • Personalized success plan

Perf review

  • Writting an A+ self-evaluation
  • Strategies for getting a promotion
  • Insight in your company's process

Managing up

  • Running effective 1:1s
  • Time-tested worksheets and emails
  • Setting good expectations

Transition to management

  • How to know if it's right for you
  • Playbook for lining up the transition
  • Lead your first team confidently

Managing employee equity

  • Valuing private company equity
  • Referrals to top startup CPAs

Get HR help

Coming soon

Taking a leave

  • Planning and communicating a leave
  • Understanding your legal rights
  • Using your benefits correctly

Conflict at work

  • Navigating difficult managers/peers
  • Practical resolution tips & advice
  • Dealing with HR

Performance issues

  • Dealing with a bad review/PIP
  • Help deciding next steps
  • Severance package negotiation

Protecting yourself

  • HR help from experienced HR pros
  • Legal consultation covering discrimination, harassment and more